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Travel to remote places that are still unknown and few have heard of.

Rediscover archaeological sites of ancient and advanced lost civilizations.

Megalithic constructions

Stone blocks that weigh many tons and bear no chisel marks. This evidence has significant importance for understanding these monuments in the context of megalithism as well as for understanding their cosmological role within the society that built them.

Cyclopean architecture

Examples of engineering so monumental that they surpass even today's work.  And what was the purpose? How can we also explain rocky origins in structures that were quite different from the place where they were built? How would the transport have been?


Ancient structures deliberately built to mark the equinoxes and solstices. Former sophisticated astronomical observatories and at the same time exploited for sacred ritualistic purposes and mystical religious ceremonies related to seasonal change and timing.

Missing civilizations and lost cities

Once lost to the ages, these ancient lost cities have been rediscovered. Join us in the search in the most distant and inhospitable places for ancient peoples and civilizations that disappeared without a trace. Lost cities that many explorers died trying to find.

Yesterday and Tomorrow's Journeys

Cláudio Tsuyoshi Suenaga, born in São Paulo, Brazil, has a master's degree in history from the Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), where he developed and defended the first dissertation on the UFO Phenomenon in academic scope in Brazil. For more than three decades, Suenaga has devoted himself incessantly to investigating secret occult societies and religious movements of the Gnostic, Messianic, Millenarian, Apocalyptic and Satanic, as well as supernatural, paranormal and miraculous phenomena.

Making adventures and explorations a real life

His greatest passions, however, have always been research, adventures and historical and archaeological explorations around megalithic monuments, lost cities, missing civilizations, advanced ancient technologies, etc. Inspired by notable scientific explorers who lived thrilling adventures and made many discoveries along the way, such as Richard Francis Burton, Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett and Thor Heyerdahl, Suenaga has traveled to the most distant and inhospitable regions facing all kinds of risks and dangers.

Journalism and Literature

He has extensive experience in the journalistic field, having collaborated with numerous vehicles in Brazil and abroad and published hundreds of articles in newspapers and magazines. He is the author of several books in areas such as history, archeology, poetry, religion, secret societies, conspiracies and ufology, most of which are still unpublished, and four of them have already been published. Since March 2016, Suenaga has lived, worked and researched in Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

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Shadows Of Your Mind

Claudio Suenaga's article about Masuda-no-iwafune (“Masuda Stone Ship”), one of the strangest and most mysterious megalithic monuments in Japan. On top of a hill in the village of Asuka, province of Nara, carved in a single block of granite of about 800 tons, planed at the top, where there are two square cavities excavated, and with embossed cutouts in the shape oflattice on the sides, evokes an unknown high civilization that disappeared without a trace and even visitors from other worlds, as the followers of the theory of the astronaut gods want. Suenaga managed to locate the “Masuda Stone Ship” and was there, which brings you all the details collected in this exciting adventure. You can download the edition #10 here,  as well as all previous editions of Shadows of Your Mind, edited by Dave Partridge, here.
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Ancient Origins

Claudio Suenaga's article about Ishi-no-Hoden, one of Japan's most mysterious and bewildering monuments, a gigantic stone structure in the shape of an old tube TV almost 6 meters high and 500 tons in weight that seems to float over a lake in the city of Takasago, Hyogo Prefecture. You will now take part in our trip to the place and learn everything about what is believed to be a work of the gods Ookuninushi and Sukunabikona, who accepted the challenge of building an entire castle on Hodenyama mountain in a single night, but ended up for leaving it unfinished because of a rebellion by provincial gods. In these pandemic times at Covid-19, despite the recommendations to avoid leaving the house as much as possible, Ishi-no-Hoden has been attracting more pilgrims and devotees than usual, who come here in search of hope. That's because the legend says that more than two thousand years ago, at a time when an unknown epidemic was raging in Japan and decimating the population, Ookuninushi and Sukunabikona would have appeared in a dream to Emperor Sujin and said: "If you consecrate us, the country will be protected". The consecration was made and the “epidemic of epidemics” stopped completely. Read the full article on the Ancient Origins website.
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Revista Enigmas is a bimonthly digital publication that in an original way addresses themes related to Ancient Mysteries, Historical Revisionism, Prehistory, Archeology and Theory of Ancient Astronauts or Paleocontact. Conceived by André de Pierre, the magazine aims to reveal facts that clarify the past of humanity. Inspired by the historic Planeta Magazine and the international Adventure Unlimited Press and Legendary Times.

Deuses astronautas do Japão
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Ufology, Paranormal Phenomena, Conspiracies, Secret Societies, Sects, Messianism, Millennialism, etc.

Contatados: Emissários das Estrelas, Arautos de uma Nova Era ou a Quinta Coluna da Invasão Extraterrestre?

Incursion in the unstable and controversial terrain of the contactees, individuals who since the 1950s have been claiming to be in direct contact with benevolent and savior aliens. Without leaving out the pioneers, such as Adamski, Fry, Bethurum, Allingham, Aladino Félix (Dino Kraspedon), etc., passing through Rossi, Berlet, Hermínio and Bianca, Meier, Wells and Rael, Suenaga recovers less known names and evenunjustly forgotten like that of Alex Madruga, which he points out to be the “missing link” of Ufology.

50 Tons de Greys: Casos de Abduções Alienígenas com Relações Sexuais - Experiências Genéticas, Rituais de Fertilidade ou Cultos Satânicos?

Rescue and analysis of the main cases of collusion, immediate "intimate" contacts or sexual relations with ufonauts, starting with the first of its kind, and which was also the first abduction case of the Modern Era of Flying Saucers, the most famous as well as classic and controversial case of Antonio Villas Boas. Suenaga managed to locate the whereabouts of some close relatives of Villas Boas and from there he reopened the case and undertook steps in São Francisco de Sales, Minas Gerais.

Illuminati: A Genealogia do Mal

Labeled as the Illuminati, secret societies and ruling elites have vast power to maneuver history and shape the future according to their plans. In the present situation in which the post-pandemic world finds itself, there is no longer any doubt that events are being directed by a power above governments and that the implantation of a global totalitarian government, destined to control the life of everyone and everything, is in full swing. Dedicated to all seekers of truth, in the book Suenaga address the Templars, the Rosicrucians, Freemasonry, the Illuminati proper, the Skull and Bones, the Bohemian Grove, the Priory of Sion, the Club of Bilderberg, the CFR, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission, the Rockefeller Foundation, etc.

Corona V de Vorazes: A Pandemia da Revolução 4.0

Here you will find information forbidden and censored by governments and the mainstream media that do not want you to know the truth about the new coronavirus, a plan devised by the occult elite to reduce the population, instill fear, ruin the economy, end once and for all freedoms and establish ultimate definitive control over humanity. The technological paradigm shift was the driving force behind all of this. We are in the paradigm of Revolution 4.0, of the Fourth Industrial Revolution or of the post-industrial world, of the  artificial intelligence. It is, therefore, a paradigm shift, not just another stage of technological development.